Friday, 15 April 2011

"See you Later!"

This is an old family photo - a very special photo. On the far left is my sister Joanne, me at the age of about 3 standing on her lap, my older brother Ed with the Navy cap, my dad standing holding my younger brother Al. All in the picture are still alive except for my dad. The picture was taken about 1946.

This past Wednesday I got to see my sister - perhaps for the last time on earth. She is in a hospital in Louisville, KY fighting physical issues that just may take her life. Just before I left the hospital I prayed with her and wept, we both wept. As I left the room she stated, "see you later!" I am counting on that sis!
You see, in this picture she is really serving as my "mom". She was about 14 in this picture, had quit school and for a couple of years took care of me as my "mom". My actual mom was in a Tuberculosis Sanitarium fighting for her life. She was in the TB Sanitarium for a total time of about 4 years - and survived. But Joanne was my "Mom" from 1946 - 1948. As a result there has always been a special bond. By the way, she did go back to school and graduated, we even eventually rode the bus together for awhile!

So pray for her and her family. Now its her life that is in the balance. Either way, see you later sis!

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