Monday, 14 January 2008

Commitment & Priorities

Recently I posted on another blog, Robin subject was entertainment. After posting I got to thinking about my commitments and looking at areas in my life where I could bring Christ a little closer to the center. I started reflecting on my past and the following question came into my puzzled mind and I decided to share my thoughts.

If you were moving to another state, job relocation, retirement, or whatever, what would be your #1 priority in determining where you purchased your home?

driving time and ease to get to work?
Schools? (if you didn’t home school)

My career with the federal government resulted in my family living in six different states. Always we would determine where we would go to church as our first priority. In Louisiana for example we were 10 minutes from church. I drove 45 minutes one way to work. I told the Realtor when looking for our home that our church was priority, I could drive the longer distance to work.

Today a couple we know from Michigan came into our church here in Florida. Last Spring they bought a beautiful home to retire in Florida. We spent most of the afternoon in fellowship with them today. Problem – their home is 45 minutes from the church. They will miss lots of fellowship and church services because of the distance. They selected a nice home but compromised on their church involvement. They have pushed Jesus a little closer to the edge of their life circle, He should be in the center. Am I making any sense? Our life decisions plus the mundane decisions should have Christ at the center.

Keep Him in the center as much as you can!


Robin said...

So true again Indian Lake Papa. You always have important things to share. Keep sharing because us kids need to hear your wisdom. I know I have a long way to go, but God hasn't given up even though I would have by now if I were Him.

Sometimes I think I want the perfection without the work, without the trials, without the pain - okay more than sometimes. God is convicting and working in my life.

There are times when I talk about or discuss things that God is impressing on me, but things that God hasn't quite completed in me.

I am so glad that we are only three miles from our church. We love being there and visiting. We are often the last to leave.

My brother challenged me the other day about too much partying with the church folks when we had our annual wild game dinner at church on Saturday night. Of course we could have invited friends to come along. We brought one of my daughter's friends, but I don't recall seeing many other new faces.

We all have much to learn and a lot of growing to do.

Pray for me!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Robin, some see a danger in church, not ministering to those outside the church. Yesterday Greg, a homeless young man, comes right in the service with his backpack and shuffles right into the pew next to whoever is there. Our church was near capacity but always has room for one more. Greg has been there every Sunday since we came here in December. He is welcomed and a part of our fellowship. The church needs to be an extension of God's hand.

I appreciate your kind words. I too have areas that need work. My Guardian Angel has his hands full!

Robin said...

My church is an open church and very welcoming to anyone who is new, but I'm not seeing a lot of reaching the lost. We are in a transient area where lots of people come and go due to work changes, but are we seeing the lost come to our door? Not really. Whose fault is that? Mine? Yes...