Monday, 25 February 2008

I don't feel so good!"

Went to the doctor today with a "Bronchial Infection" Conversation went something like this:

Nurse Goodbody (term used loosely!): Why are you here?
Me: I'm sick!
Nurse Goodbody: Have you had this before?
Me: Yes
Nurse Goodbody: Well - (pause) I think you have it again - bend over!
Me (bending over) : (slight pause) Ouch!
Nurse Goodbody (with large smile): That will be 70 dollars, come back again!

I think I am going to bed - whoops - think I had better lay on my side! Whoops again - rats! Wrong side! :o(


Robin said...

You even have your humor when your miserable - what a guy :) Hope you feel better soon!

Praying for you!

Robin said...

Hope you are starting to feel better. Today during my exercise class at the gym we had 10 minutes of relaxation where you just lay on your back and close your eyes. Then the instructor has you sit up and do a few stretches then we leave. Well today, I was laying on my back and all of the sudden something didn't seem right and I opened my eyes and everyone was done. I fell asleep. How embarrassing. All that to say, I'm coming down with something too.

I just got back from getting my TB test so I can volunteer. I go back on Wednesday for the results.

Rest up!

darla said...

Hope you are feeling better soon son was to the doctor today, Pnuemonia...mmmmm I was thinking of florida to get away from all the sickness here, but seems it is everywhere. Think Spring!! it is coming I just know it! don't lay on the side that makes you "ouch", just trying to be helpful! love you, and mama don't get the cold that started this, and do not I repeat do not give him a bell!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Robin - I bet you were startled when you woke up! LOL

My sister tells the story that one evening they received a phone call - it was from a couple that had been visiting at their house earlier, my sister and her husband went to sleep in the chair! Company left and called them back when they got home! Hope your feeling better. Ii have a temp right at 100 tonight!

Darla - the bell works great! I appreciate the idea - mama does not, but she is coming around. I use that old "submission" "obedience" biblical theme.

darla said...

mama- I think it is okay to not give him a bell, good things come to those who wait! Papa-when my hubs pulls that on me, I remind him that he is to love me enough to die for me as well...oh yeah there is more to that you hope you are better soon, my son is laying here beside me, praying for you both!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Mama reminds me about "dieing for her" too! She sometimes hints she could help move that date up if I am not careful!

Tam said...

Awwww Papa! My heart is breaking for you. But at the same time I can't stop laughing... Why do you do that to me???

Sorry about the Dr. Visit. Sorry you're sick.

But I am hopeful you will be well soon!

Be easy on Mama too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Papa, I'm sorry you're sick! I'll be praying for a speedy make me laugh out loud! Be nice to mama, she may be next.....then the bell passes to her! Smiles..

darla said...

Mama says she could move the date up, I always tell my hubs that he can go first with scripture and I will follow..LOL

My daughter always asks for a bell when she is sick..and I always say no, she would ring that thing just to smile at her and still no bell!

it wouldn't matter if I had a turn with the bell, with ipods and video games who would hear my bell!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Still running a temp this morning and very congested. I am behaving though! GG, mama ain't gettin the bell! Gotta go, breakfast time -- "ding-a-ling" "ding-a-ling"

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jimbo, I am sorry you're not feeling so hot. Be glad you didn't have to step outside today and shovel another six inches of snow out of your driveway...snow that continues to fall even as I type. All I can say about your health and our weather matter how lousy it is, this too shall pass!

I love your pictures you put with your blog posts. You are having too much fun doing this, I can tell. And you are so much fun to read...quite a style. I can hear you talking, tongue in cheek, as I read. It's just your style...and I really like it.

Your ILNC Friend

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Carol - thanks for stopping by! Tell Paul to keep the snow out of my drive! We anticipate "coming home" the 23rd of April. As you can see I am a "sickie" today!

Anonymous said...

PAPA!! SOrry you are so sick! That stinks. P.U. ;-)

This post though, absolutely hilarious! haha! What a great laugh! :D

Robin said...

I'm feeling worse today...and can feel my strength leaving. I have appointments tomorrow and Thursday and then I can rest...I fell asleep a couple of times today and woke to a huge mess...

Robin said...

Oh sorry - just realized I didn't wish you well... How is Mama doing? Is she avoiding this illness?

Indian Lake Papa said...

I am slightly better this AM! Temp yesterday got up to 101.5. Slightly up this AM. Mama is doing great, except the bell is wearing her down. Robin - don't get this bug!

CrossView said...

Ooh! Sorry you've been yucky. =/

Glad that you're on the mend, though. =D

Is it ok if I feel sorry for your wife, too! I KNOW what it's like to deal with a sick husband. =P