Sunday, 24 February 2008

"Know-So Salvation"

Yesterday mama and I went on a "Sr. outing" (I should not have went I have a nasty cold) we went out for dinner at a nice steak house than went to a "Legacy Five" concert. One of the songs they sang talked about a Know-So Salvation.

I have a favor to ask. Would you help me with my post?? Could you answer the following two questions in your comments?

1) What does "Know-So Salvation" mean to you?
2) How do we change a "Maybe-so Salvation" to a "Know-So Salvation"?

I'm sick! Going to bed! I have a"Know-So Cold!"


Anonymous said...

A "know-so" salvation to me means that no matter what happens, good or bad, you know that God is in control and has a plan. It is complete faith in who He is and who you are through Him. No matter who says what, and no matter who does what, you are 100% sure in your heart, mind and soul that He is who He says He is and you are who he says you are...

As for 2, we can't help what others think/believe. To me, my walking the walk, not just talking the talk, and letting Him shine through me brightly in every situation may show the Know-so salvation to others....way more than words ever could. Feel better Papa, it's bad stuff! Love you, and hugs to Mama

Brandy said...

I'm here Papa! Just have wonky internet for a few back later to leave you a better comment on this post! :D

Robin said...

First of all, I hope you feel better soon!

Secondly, I will get back to your questions when I have more time.

Finally, the picture you have posted was sent to me back when my daughter was that size because the sender thought it looked like her. It really did. Of course she's a big 8 year old now, so she looks a bit different.

CrossView said...

1. I am secure in my salvation. When I fall, as we all do, I'm still secure in the knowledge that the Lord won't leave me. He won't abandon me because I failed Him nor will He leave me down when I've fallen. He will pick me up, dust me off, and set me back on His path again. All the while leading me to understand why it was wrong so I can ask His forgiveness, knowing He has already forgiven me and that I will then have to forgive myself.

2. Maybe-So Salvation is based on being unsure of your salvation. "If" I mess up (not when), The Lord may turn His back on me or He may not forgive me or He may abandon me. It's a sad kind of relationship based on a little god. It's more like being unsure of His total love. =(

CrossView said...

And I hope you're feeling better soon! =D

Anonymous said...

Papa left an award on my blog for you and mama for your blog! I will come back later and answer your question as soon as my little man is settled in again..still sick. Darla

Tam said...

1) What does "Know-So Salvation" mean to you?
2) How do we change a "Maybe-so Salvation" to a "Know-So Salvation"?

1- I am confident from my head to the bottom of my toes that I am saved by Grace. I believe in the Son who was sent for my ransom. I believe by a faith He has increased simply by being Him in and around my life at all times since the day I called His name!

2- To change a maybe-so salvation I could only do that if it were mine, and not someone elses...I can't make that decision for another. I never had a maybe-so issue. I suppose if i did - the only thing I'd hope for is a desire to dig into Hos word and boldly ask for Him to increase my faith. He wants be to believe more than I do...He'll show me!

wornoutwoman said...

Know so to me means, that I have absolute faith in my creator. That I know Christ is in my heart, and no matter what I'm going to follow him. My 'Know so' is my peace in this world...that I have God to fall into and be secure in...b/c the world is sometimes a very cold place.

How do we change maybe's to know-so. Live by example is all we can do, and pray for those that God lays on our hearts. That's the only thing I can think that would do it.

GREAT post. You're quickly becoming one of my new favorite bloggers.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks wornout for stopping by! I am new to having my own blog. I struggle with saying frivolous to theology. I have to admit frivolous is more fun!